Tuesday, January 25, 2011


It has been a full year since an update I guess. Haha. I could have sworn that I posted those videos over the summer or in the fall. I guess 2010 blew by.

Posting tomorrow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Undertow 07/14/94 and 04/02/95

As promised, here are the other two sets. The links to the entire sets are below each video. The 07/14 set had pretty shitty audio, but it still listenable for the most part. To my suprise, the 04/02 set had awesome sound.

07/14/94 - somewhere in New Jersey

04/02/95 - Corona, California

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Undertow 07/10/94

I want to buy those ON tests on ebay, but they are already above $100. Well, the Vital Times one is, but I am sure Control will get up there soon too. Bummer. I have the cash thanks to some ebay auctions that did much better than expected, but I don't know if I can bring myself to spend over $200 on two records today. The way things are looking, it will be closer to $300 total more than likely. While I would love to finally finish my ON collection, those tests aren't worth that kind of cash to me right now. Even though half of it will be going to charity, I would rather donate that much without wasting the other half on records. 

Anyways, to the real reason for posting today. I got in touch with a guy who had a ton of old 90's live sets, including a couple from Undertow, Brotherhood and Unbroken. I ended up trading him a copy of the '97 'tow reunion show and some random Mental set I had on my hard drive, but ended up with three Undertow shows, all of which I will be uploading onto youtube when I have a chance. I managed to get one of them up early this morning, and the other MIGHT go up sometime this week. I am still waiting on the guy for the third set, which is of one of their last shows in Cali before the break up.

This set is from a show they played in Jersey in the Summer '94 tour with Unbroken (I believe it was with Unbroken at least). Here is one of the videos, and my favorite from this set. Check out the link below it for the playlist containing all of the songs/videos.



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Minor Threat - "You Betrayed Me By Growing Up"

Seeing as this was posted online a week ago, this is a huge "late pass" in internet terms. However, I think a song finally hitting the open sea after almost 30 years is more of an injustice and crime than I am about to commit.

I saw this posted on theb9 last night, and felt like I needed to share it, even though most of the people who see this will have already heard the song via some hardcore board.

This song was recorded by an audience member at a show MT played on October 30th, 1982 at Woodlawn High School in Arlington, Virginia with Faith, Iron Cross, and DOA. The quality is pretty bad, but then again, half of the live videos you see on youtube today have fucking horrible sound.

The song, "You Betrayed Me By Growing Up", was never formally recorded. This is the only known recording. The first link I am posting is just the song itself in a flash player. The second link is a mediafire zip file with the entire set from that night. Keep in mind, the quality of the entire thing isn't too great.. but listen to it anyways. Here is the track list:

1. Look Back and Laugh (instrumental)
2. You Betrayed Me By Growing Up (unreleased song)
3. Seeing Red
4. Little Friend
5. Straight Edge
6. No Reason
7. Out Of Step
8. It Follows
9. Asshole Dub
10. Steppin' Stone
11. Filler
12. Bottled Violence
13. Minor Threat
14. Sob Story
15. 12XU



Friday, November 20, 2009

ALERT - Demo 7"/Tape '08

Massachusetts straight edge.

Alert has been one of my favorite bands of '09. I missed out on getting the demo tape when that was released, but was able to give the songs a listen when the band posted them all for free download on their blog.

Those songs got me hooked. I picked up a copy (or three) of the demo when it was pressed onto vinyl earlier this year by Life to Live Records. I managed to trade for the limited tour press they did for the 2009 summer tour (out of 20 copies on black vinyl with a black and white sleeve). I was also able to track down a copy of the test press for the release thanks to Mike, the vocalist of the band. Note the awesome Up Front ripoff they used for the preorder sleeve.
Alert will be releasing a new 7" on Belgian-based Just Another Day Records sometime in early 2010 I believe.

Alert - Demo 2008 (7" Black /200) 

 Alert - Demo 2008 (7" Clear /200)

Alert - Demo 2008 (7" Red, Preorder Cover 64/100)

 Alert - Demo 2008 (7" Black, Summer Tour '09 6/20)

Alert - Demo 2008 (7" Black, Test Press 11/18)

Clear and black vinyl is still available on the Life to Life webstore! If you are into the demo, pick up a copy. I would say grab a shirt too, but it looks like they only have youth large left.